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Thriving Plants and Trees for Tampa Landscapes

Tampa's climate offers a unique environment for various plants and trees to thrive. Selecting the right species ensures a lush, vibrant landscape year-round. Here, we explore plants and trees well-suited to Tampa's weather and soil conditions.

Are there any specific plants or trees that thrive in the Tampa climate for landscaping purposes? Here are some species to mention to your Tampa landscaping company:


Live Oak: This tree is a staple in Tampa landscapes, known for its longevity and sprawling canopy. It provides ample shade, making it ideal for larger yards.

Palms: Varieties like the Sabal Palm (Florida's state tree) and the Queen Palm thrive in Tampa's climate. They add a tropical feel to any landscape.

Crepe Myrtle: Known for its beautiful summer blooms, the Crepe Myrtle offers a pop of color and thrives in the warmth of Tampa.


Bougainvillea: This vibrant plant offers a cascade of colors and thrives in full sun, making it perfect for Tampa's sunny days.

Ixora: A low-maintenance shrub that produces clusters of bright flowers, Ixora flourishes in Tampa's warm climate.

Viburnum: For privacy hedges, Viburnum grows well in Tampa, offering dense foliage and white blooms in spring.

Ground Covers

Mondo Grass: This low-maintenance ground cover thrives in shaded areas, adding texture and greenery to the landscape.

Beach Sunflower: Ideal for sunny spots, this ground cover produces cheerful yellow flowers and tolerates salt, making it perfect for coastal Tampa areas.

Lantana: With its drought tolerance and colorful flowers, Lantana is a versatile ground cover for Tampa gardens.


Pentas: Attracting butterflies, Pentas bloom year-round in Tampa, offering vibrant colors and low maintenance.

Marigolds: Known for their pest-repelling properties, Marigolds thrive in the Tampa sun and add a bright touch to gardens.

Zinnias: These flowers love the sun and provide a burst of color throughout the summer months.

Coastal Outdoor: Enhancing Tampa's Natural Beauty

At Coastal Outdoor, we specialize in landscaping that complements Tampa's unique climate. Our experts can help you choose the right plants and trees for your property, ensuring a thriving, sustainable landscape. From design to maintenance, Coastal Outdoor provides comprehensive landscaping services tailored to Tampa's environment. 

We offer a range of services, including:

Coastal Outdoor values clear communication and customer satisfaction. Contact us to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, resilient oasis.

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