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Knights, Florida


Knights is an unincorporated community located in northeastern Hillsborough County, Florida. This small community is situated near the border with neighboring Pasco County, close to the towns of Zephyrhills and Wesley Chapel.


As with many unincorporated communities, Knights may not have its own local government or administrative structure but instead relies on services provided by Hillsborough County. It's primarily a residential area, with homes, neighborhoods, and possibly some local businesses or amenities serving the needs of its residents.


Unincorporated communities like Knights often have a close-knit atmosphere, with residents relying on each other and community organizations for support and social interaction. While it may not have the same level of infrastructure or services as an incorporated city or town, Knights likely offers a quieter, more rural lifestyle for its inhabitants, with easy access to the natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities that are characteristic of the region.

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