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We are a full service landscape company that can complete your project at any point from planning, design, installation, and final completion. We employ a team of dedicated tradesmen, laborers, and designers to ensure the final project is within your expectations, timeline, and budget.

Our Services are customizable, scalable and offer a variety of services not listed here. Contact us for a no-obligation quote

Landscape Design & Installation

Strong Client Relationships

Coastal Outdoor will work closely with you and  seek to understand your vision. We have highly experienced landscape designers, project managers, and tradesmen to complete your project to your standards. 


We will advise you on plants, materials, colors and we’ll present you with options and recommendations so you can make a informed decision.

We bring you a variety of services that include  outdoor kitchens, and fire pits, fireplaces, driveways and walkways, planting, pool decks, water features, and much more.

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation and let us help you turn your home into an oasis.

Landscape Design

Landscape Projects


Artificial Grass

Blending and Flawless Installation

Coastal Outdoor will perfectly level the surface and ensure it bends with existing walkways, driveways. pool decks, and existing landscape features. We will give you the most natural look possible regardless of the size and location of the area in question.


You can trust that the finished product will be flawless.

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Projects


Bringing your landscape ideas to life

Coastal Outdoor specialized in the design and installation of outdoor lighting. Proper lighting lengthens the time you can spend outdoors in your pool, garden, patio, and not only provides functional safety but it also expands your home’s living area.

During our site visit we will can make suggestions and recommendations borne from several years of installing and designing outdoor lighting for several clients with varying sizes, unique spaces, and character. We’ll make suggestions on equipment, technology, placement, and design it to meet your design expectations and budget.

Proper outdoor light can enrich your life in many ways and turns you small home into a larger one.


Irrigation Installation & Repair

Design based on science technology and lifestyle

With over 10 years of experience in irrigations systems, Costal Outdoor provides knowledgeable advice, installation and service of your irrigation system.

Irrigation systems provide the correct amount of water your landscaping needs in order to thrive. Properly designed systems can provide dry patches with more attention and care, saves you time and money, and adds value to your home.


We can design a system based on horticulture science, the layout of your property, and your lifestyle.


Today’s systems allow homeowners to control their irrigation systems through their smartphone and offer custom components for an automated system created for individual needs and wants.

Irrigation Installation and Repair


Enhancing Your Outdoor Space and Increasing You Home's Value

A beautifully designed and installed paver enhances your outdoor area, offers durable functionality, and heightens curb appeal increasing your home value.

Paver installation requires expertise to ensure longevity over the years of weather and traffic. Poorly laid pavers can crack, lift and become uneven. We are an experienced paver installation contractor with over 10 years experience.


We will survey the area in question, address challenges, opportunities, and provide you with an efficient quote to ensure your project is completed with the best materials and durability you would expect from your investment.


Pavers Projects



Protecting Your Home and Landscaping

Coastal Outdoor offers a variety of solutions to drainage problems you’re experiencing. Florida’s downpours can cause flooding and erosion in and around your landscape, providing a nesting ground for mosquitos, and other insects. Water run-off and large amounts of pooled water around your foundation can put your home’s structures at risk, causing basement leaks and costly damage over time.


We have over 10 years of designing and installing professional drainage systems to ensure your landscape and home are protected from the elements and increasing the enjoyment of your outdoor space.

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