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10 Popular Landscape Plants that Thrive in Florida's Climate

Add some color and life to your garden with these 10 popular landscape plants that thrive in Florida's climate and conditions! From low-maintenance flowers to statement trees, here are 10 of the most loved plants you can find in Florida:

  1. Crepe Myrtle

  2. Hibiscus

  3. Knockout Rose

  4. Juniper trees

  5. Coral honeysuckle

  6. Butterfly Bush

  7. Daylily

  8. Dwarf Yaupon Holly

  9. Dwarf Palmetto Palm

  10. Elliott’s aster

The Queen Crape Myrtle

The Queen Crape Myrtle is a beautiful and unique tree that adds gorgeous color and texture to your garden year-round. Unlike other crape myrtle varieties, the Queen does not lose its leaves in winter. Instead, many leaves turn bright red just before new growth appears in spring, creating a stunning display of seasonal color. Growing quickly to reach a medium size, this tree provides plenty of shade and strong branches, perfect for hanging potted plants. Embrace the beauty of the Queen Crape Myrtle in your garden today!

Weeping Hibiscus Tree

Add height, draw attention, or create a focal point - no matter your needs, the Weeping Hibiscus tree and shrub standards are the perfect versatile plants for any garden. Not only are they visually appealing and eye-catching, but these beautiful flowering shrubs add a layer of depth and variety to any space - whether it be a garden bed, a small area, or a single specimen tree. Get creative with Weeping Hibiscus trees today!

Knock Out Roses

A true challenge for any Florida gardener, roses have typically been difficult to maintain in our humid climate. But don't worry - Knock Out Roses are here to save the day! These award-winning shrub roses offer beautiful blooms with no need for special care. Unlike grafted hybrid teas or floribundas, these hardy and low-maintenance plants stand up to wet summers, erasing the need to constantly battle black spots and powdery mildew. Make your gardening dreams come true with Knock Out Roses today!

Juniper Trees

From the miniature evergreen to soaring heights of over 100 feet tall, Juniper trees and shrubs are the perfect low-maintenance landscape plants for any climate. With a variety of forms, colors, and textures, their needle-like foliage develops into a scale shape that can be either green or silver, blue, or gold - changing in winter for some species. With more than 50 types of Juniper to choose from and countless uses in the garden, this versatile plant is sure to bring life and texture to whatever area it occupies.

Coral Honeysuckle

The vibrant Coral Honeysuckle is a stunning vine that will bring beauty to any garden. Also known as trumpet honeysuckle, it will brighten up your space with its thin, tubular red flowers and yellow stamens. Clusters of blooms hang down from the vine, creating a spectacular display throughout spring and early summer. Not only that, you get to experience the joy of attracting birds and butterflies to your garden!

Butterfly Bush

Bringing summer cheer to any garden, the Butterfly Bush is a must-have for anyone looking for an eye-catching display. An easy-to-grow shrub that loves the sun, these delightful plants come in vibrant shades of color and produce continuous blooms from summer right through to fall. Not only will you get to enjoy their beauty, but also the bonus of attracting butterflies and hummingbirds by the score!


Flourishing in Florida's climate, Daylilies are an incredibly popular and hardy perennial. They provide a long-lasting bloom period and are virtually pest-free. With so much variety on offer, these delightful plants come in an array of shapes, and sizes, as well as colors ranging from yellow to white to even purple! Some varieties are evergreen while others are deciduous, with the typical bloom period lasting around four to seven weeks but some varieties can offer bloom times up to mid-May.

Dwarf Yaupon Holly

With their fine leaves and formal look, "Schillings" is an unbelievably popular holly shrub for South Florida. It grows very slowly and requires minimal maintenance, making it the perfect fit for foundations or walkways. Despite its small size, the plant can reach a maximum height of 5 feet or more over time! And what's even better - this holly shrub produces no berries, has no spines on its leaves, and comes with non-showy flowers in spring!

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a great choice for Florida home landscapes. Not only is it an incredibly versatile plant that can tolerate a range of conditions, but its salt tolerance makes it perfect even for coastal gardening. Plus, this native plant adds textural interest to any yard beneath trees - new or established. However, if you live in an area that practices fire-wise landscaping, saw palmetto is not suitable as a plant choice.

Elliott's Aster

In fall, when the colors of your garden start to fade away, Elliott's aster provides a lovely lavender addition. These fragrant flowers are both beautiful and abundant, bringing in bees and butterflies as pollinators. However, you have to be careful - these asters spread aggressively and might take over your yard if not kept in check! Enjoy their beauty without worrying about taking over your landscape with regular pruning.


Take the guesswork out of gardening in Florida with native plants that have adapted to the local climate, soil type, rainfall, and pests. Native plants are low-maintenance and won't require frequent watering or fertilizing. Some of the popular landscape plants on this list are Florida natives while others aren't; if you want to be sure your plants will stand the test of time, choose Floridian natives! Get started with our extensive list of Florida-native plants for your garden today. Give Coastal Outdoors a call today if you are looking to upgrade your landscape!

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