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Seffner Landscape Services

Coastal Outdoor is your go-to landscape service provider offering comprehensive landscape design, installation, and maintenance services in Seffner and the Tampa Bay area. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to creating the perfect atmosphere for your lawn, garden, and outdoor living space. With our expertise in creative outdoor lighting, we transform your landscape into a stunning sight of beauty while ensuring functional safety lighting for you and your family.

Ultimate Landscaping Services in Seffner


Coastal Outdoor is the leading landscaping company serving Seffner and the greater Tampa Bay area. Our experienced team of professionals possesses the artistic and technical skills required to bring your outdoor spaces to life. From creating the ideal ambiance for your lawn and garden to providing top-notch functional safety lighting, we strive to make your outdoor space as beautiful and functional as possible.  Whether you dream of an outdoor oasis, a lush garden, or a simple lawn, our team has the expertise and knowledge to turn your vision into reality. You can trust us to transform your outdoor space into an inviting and enjoyable place for you, your family, and your guests.

Coastal Outdoor specializes in landscape maintenance, ensuring the beauty and health of local properties. Our experts offer routine lawn care, tree trimming, and seasonal plantings to keep your outdoor spaces looking their best. Contact us today to explore the landscape maintenance options available for your property.


Landscape Installation


Our skilled designers and installers have years of experience and a passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces. At Coastal Outdoor, we listen to our clients, understand their vision, and bring it to life through tailored custom landscape installation designs. With the use of high-quality materials and techniques, we ensure that your new landscape is not only visually appealing but also sustainable.


Landscape Design


Creating a landscape that suits your property's size and shape can be a challenge. Coastal Outdoor offers top-quality landscape design services, taking a holistic approach that considers aesthetics, functionality, maintenance, and sustainability. Whether you require residential or commercial landscape design, our team will guide you and provide endless options to bring your vision to life.




While landscaping can transform the appearance of your property, lighting draws attention to its beauty. At Coastal Outdoor, we offer professional lighting services that elevate your landscape and outdoor living space to new heights. Enhance the charm of your property by adding amazing lighting that accentuates its features, making it come alive even after sunset.


Artificial Grass


Save time, money, and effort on yard work with our artificial grass installation services. Residents and businesses in Seffner can enjoy the benefits of a synthetic turf lawn, eliminating the need for watering and constant landscaping. Our artificial turfs adhere to the highest industry standards and come with a premium installation service provided by experienced installers.

Irrigation Installation and Repair


Proper irrigation systems are crucial for the health and vitality of your landscaping. Coastal Outdoor has over ten years of experience in designing, installing, and repairing irrigation systems. Our knowledgeable team will ensure that your landscaping receives the right amount of water, resulting in healthier plants and significant cost savings.



Florida's heavy rainfall can cause flooding and erosion, creating challenges for your landscape and home. Coastal Outdoor specializes in designing and installing professional drainage systems to protect your landscape and prevent potential damage. Our expertise ensures that water runoff is effectively managed, mitigating the risks associated with excessive moisture.




Enhance your outdoor space with beautifully designed and installed pavers that add functionality and value to your home. Coastal Outdoor's skilled team ensures durable paver installation, transforming your outdoor areas into inviting spaces that stand the test of time.


Trust Coastal Outdoor for Your Seffner Landscape Design Needs

Don't settle for subpar landscaping services. Coastal Outdoor is your premier choice for top-tier landscape design, installation, and maintenance for both residential and commercial properties in Seffner. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and beautiful results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us work together to transform your outdoor spaces. Choose Coastal Outdoor for all your Seffner landscape service needs. We also service the Mango, FL area! 

What Neighborhoods do you Service in Seffner?

Lake Weeks, Parsons Pointe, Shangri La, Hickory Hill


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