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Top Landscaping Services in Thonotosassa

Coastal Outdoor is the ultimate landscaping company in Thonotosassa, serving the Tampa Bay area. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in creating, designing, and maintaining stunning landscape projects for residential and commercial properties. 


From landscape installation to custom design and ongoing maintenance, we provide top-tier services to ensure your outdoor space is beautiful, functional, and sustainable. With a focus on creative outdoor lighting, irrigation systems, drainage solutions, and more, Coastal Outdoor is your trusted partner for all your landscaping needs. Let's explore how our services can transform your outdoor spaces into breathtaking landscapes.


Landscape Design & Installation


Our skilled designers and installers bring years of experience and a passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and deliver tailored landscape designs that meet their unique requirements. Using only the highest quality materials and techniques, we ensure that your landscape installation is not only visually appealing but also sustainable and long-lasting.


Landscape Maintenance


Coastal Outdoor is the preferred choice for landscape maintenance in Thonotosassa. We understand the importance of keeping your outdoor spaces looking their best year-round. Our comprehensive maintenance services include routine lawn care, tree trimming, seasonal plantings, and more. Our expert team ensures that your landscape remains healthy, vibrant, and well-maintained.


Outdoor Lighting


Add a touch of magic to your landscape with our professional outdoor lighting services. Our creative lighting designs transform your outdoor space into a captivating sight, enhancing its beauty and providing functional safety lighting. Whether you want to highlight architectural features, create an inviting ambiance, or illuminate pathways, our expert team will create a lighting scheme that brings your landscape to life.


Artificial Grass


Experience the benefits of low-maintenance landscaping with our artificial grass installation services. Residents and businesses in Thonotosassa can save time and money by opting for synthetic turf that requires no watering or extensive upkeep. Our high-quality artificial turfs are installed by experienced professionals, providing a beautiful and durable solution for your outdoor space.

Irrigation Installation and Repair


Proper irrigation is essential for the health and vitality of your landscape. Our team has over ten years of experience in designing and installing efficient irrigation systems. We ensure that your landscape receives the right amount of water, saving you time and money while promoting optimal plant growth. Additionally, our experts offer repair services to keep your irrigation system running smoothly.

Drainage Solutions


Protect your landscape and home from flooding and erosion with our professional drainage solutions. Our team specializes in designing and installing drainage systems that effectively manage water runoff and prevent water pooling around your foundation. With our expertise, you can safeguard your property from potential damage caused by excessive moisture.


Paver Installation


Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor space with our expert paver installation services. Our team delivers beautifully designed and installed pavers that add value to your home and provide long-lasting durability. With our attention to detail and expertise, we ensure that your paver installation exceeds your expectations.

Trust Coastal Outdoor for Your Thonotosassa Landscape Design Needs


Coastal Outdoor is the trusted choice for landscaping services in Thonotosassa, catering to residential and commercial properties in the Tampa Bay area. With our comprehensive range of services, including landscape design, installation, maintenance, outdoor lighting, artificial grass, irrigation systems, drainage solutions, and paver installation, we have the expertise to transform your outdoor spaces into breathtaking landscapes.


Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us create a personalized plan that brings your vision to life. Trust Coastal Outdoor for all your landscaping needs and experience the beauty and functionality of your dream outdoor space. We also service the Seffner, Florida area! 

Neighborhoods we Service: 

Antioch, Michelle Manor, Taylor Road, Fort King, Pemberton Creek


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